appointed: 21 days of prayer devotional

The WORD OF THE YEAR for Summit is:  "APPOINTED". We believe that God has called all people for a time such as this and that He has appointed moments in our lives where we can encounter Him, share Him with others, and seek His face as we devote our lives to the advancing the Kingdom of God.

Some of our pastors wrote a 21 Day Devotional Prayer Guide dedicated to this end and we as a church have been responding to it daily! We hope that it encourages you!

You can download your copy here for FREE!

Video responses from summit members

Day 1 - Bentley Christmas

Day 2 - Josh Davis

Day 3 - Jon Abercrombie

Day 4 - Robert Christie

Day 5 - Ciara Wallace

Day 6 - Nicole Abercrombie

Day 7 - Lynette Davis

Day 8 - Robert Culbreth

Day 9 - Maddie Dyer

Day 10 - Diana Abercrombie

Day 11 - Kylie Smith

Day 12 - Pastor Zach Sibrava

Day 13 - Jessica Rabon

Day 14 - Justin Richey

Day 15 - Brittany Martinez

Day 16 - Luke Maybin

Day 17 - Christian Hanley

Day 18 - Wendy Tucker

Day 19 - Elizabeth McInnis